Business Opportunities

We have following departments

  1. Marketing
  2. Supply chain/LOGISTICS Management
  3. Administration & HR
  4. Accounts

The opportunities exist in all departments of business. As mentioned earlier we move about 50,000 MTs of liquid and solid cargo. For these transporters, fleet owners find valuable, trust worthy partners in us. We are known for timely payments as per our commitment/business terms. At the same time we ensure that at destination our clients do not complain about right quality or quantity.

Opportunities exist for manufacturers of chemicals, related products not only in India but throughout the continents to make use of our sound, trusted distribution channel. Perhaps we are amongst very few Indian distributors who can reach their clients in no time and the words are treated as gospel truth.

Likewise opportunities are galore for the manufacturers who consume our distributed chemicals. In times of shortages, abundances our words, commitments are upheld. We believe in service first and then profit would naturally flow. Our philosophy is to go beyond normal business by briefing our counterparts the prevailing world scenario, sharing the information painstakingly gathered enabling them to take correct decisions of when to buy, how much to buy and at what price.

Similarly opportunities exist in the services we use. We are open to adopt new technology, methodology be it in Information Technology or Accounting/Audit practices.

Mention of details at appropriate places in this web site is testimony of what has been outlined here.

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